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Why Trush?

We offer financial opportunities to everyone. The mission of Trush is to democratize financial services by making them widely accessible globally. Trush is a decentralized banking protocol that places the user first. Cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies are now indispensable. Trush is building a platform for efficient borrowing, lending, staking, and remittances on a world-class protocol. Trush also simplifies things by adding Trush Payments. Users can now make real-time wireless crypto asset transfers or transactions without any inconvenience. Trush aims to disrupt the financial industry and create a world of financial freedom.

Why Solana?

It's simple to see why Solana has been flourishing this year. Solanas' technology is one of the most rapidly programmable blockchains available, which has increased their growth and elevated them to one of this year's leading names. Trush aims to contribute to the Solana ecosystem's expansion and adoption by providing a secure and decentralized platform. Trush is focusing on the user experience in order to enhance the Solana ecosystem's adoption. We are striving to make decentralized banking a realistic reality in order to provide our customers with the best possible experience.

The benefits of staking.

Trush aggregates the need of democracy and privacy by giving the power back to the community. Through our multi diverse token, Trush users can stake and create passive income.


Receive interest

Trush is determined to evolve a significant interest and volume for their tokens. As a user of Trush, our farming protocol provides earnings by getting a share of the trading pool fees.

Earn on collateral

Trush allows you to earn a yield on your collateral assets that have been locked within Trush smart contracts on loans. Your collateral assets will be attached to Liquidity Pools to generate yield and provide APY throughout the entire duration of the loan.

Stake with Trush

Trush will accept multiple cryptocurrency assets as collateral for our financial products. Once you have a $TRS balance in your wallet, you have the option of "locking" it within the fee distribution contract. Do not rest your money. Make it work for you and earn.


The core features of Trush

Protection and Transparency

Trush uses smart contracts to ensure all parties of a complete transparent and righteous experience. Additionally, by utilizing the Solana blockchain, Trush ensures the highest level of security and anonymity.

Trush Payments

Trush ensures users with the highest annual percentage yield (APY) of any DeFi or CeFi eco-system currently available. Trush payments is the bridge between the real world and cryptocurrency.

Built on Solana

The Trush protocol is built on the Solana blockchain, the fastest growing blockchain of this year, delivering the fastest, most secured and cost efficient infrastructure of DeFi. Solana is one of the most rapidly programmable blockchains accessible.Trush intends to assist the Solana ecosystem flourish by providing a safe and decentralized platform for businesses seeking financing and incubation.


The priority of Trush is to preserve and evolve the bank protocol for the future generation of DeFi. We offer lending and borrowing, staking, sending a request and conducting transactions without any inconvenience. Apart from passive income, Trush provides the comprehensive solution for the future of Decentralized Finance.

User-friendly experience

Our upper-most priority is to create a user-friendly environment for the community. Hereby is our main focus to provide a complete seamless experience by developing the total simplicity into Trush.

Permissionless and seamless

Trush provides a platform without governance and demands individual financial independence to every user through our protocol. Our DeFi protocol ensures security for unexpected events or changes in laws.